Weather disrupts play

    Zermatt day 2.
    78km/ph wind.
    10:45 am and heading off the mountain.
    Always disappointing not to be able to get out and do what’s planned but time is well spent discussing and agreeing our workshops.
    The mornings plan had been to switch the order around in the demos. Not to change anything, but to give everyone an appreciation of being in different positions.
    There are very different requirements depending on where you are in the line with very different strengths being utilised.
    The front is the most visible, requiring really strong, technically accurate skiing that is super precise, combined with the broad shoulders of responsibility to lead the demo. Speed, corridor width, depth of turn, positioning on the slope all hang off the leader. Plus timing our choreographed formation changes.
    It’s pretty tough up there, exposed, visible, responsible.
    At the back it is a very different story.
    Messy, bumpy, poor visibility. It gets ugly back there.
    Technically accurate skiing, although the goal, has to be compromised to keep the precision of the formation. It’s about being comfortable getting a little out of shape to deal with stuff and keep the line clean to keep the visual impact strong. Ignoring the spray, the battering from chunks of snow, the blind spots and just focussing on the spacing and line.
    Demo skiing has come on since the days of synchronised short swings. It is fast, intense and requires a great deal of focus and trust in those around you.  And we intend to make sure that the speed makes our skiing and demos impressive and we get as many positive comments as we did last time in St Anton.



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