The Opening Ceremony

The Interski Congress kicked off today with an opening ceremony. Each nation introduced themselves with a run from their demonstration team cheered on by spectators and fellow Snowsports instructors from around the world. Since this was the first opportunity for us to show our skiing skills we were nervous and excited while waiting to go. Someone admitted to having “jelly legs” and there were a few boosting shouts of “have it” and “woop woop“! I have skied competitively since I was young so I am not new to the pressure of pulling out a performance when it matters. However this was different, I am part of a team. My team rely on me to set the perfect rhythm and this team is representing all of the BASI membership to Snowsports instructors of the world. When we were moved forward to go we all felt the intense focus – it was just us and the slope. We nailed it! One of the best bits about being part of a team is sharing in the success. Coach Andi received comments from other much bigger nations complimenting our skiing and professionalism. We will continue to work hard as a team to maintain this reputation of BASI.


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