Structures and Relationships Global Snowsports Bodies

Written by Dave Renouf

There are four key organisations in the global world of snowsports. The umbrella organisation is called Interski International and its three supporting organisations; ISIA (International Association of Ski Instructors), IVSI (International Federation of Ski Instructors) and IVSS (International Association of Snowsports in Schools and Universities).





ISIA – professional instructors

IVSI – club coaches

IVSS – Academic study and university students


Interski has its congress every 4 years. In 2015 the congress  was staged in the southern hemisphere for the first time at Cerro Castor near Ushuaia, Argentina, where their slogan is the Spanish “en fino del mundo” which roughly translates as “the end of the world”. It is the world’s most southerly city and ski resort!

Each of the three supporting organisations have their own statutes and missions to address the different parts of snowsport instruction, whether that be a fulltime professional snowsport instructor, a club coach or university students. All four organisations  have between 30-40 national organisations as members of each, with the ISIA and the IVSI also having minimum standards for individual instructors to achieve in order to gain this interntional standard.

The umbrella organisation – the Interski Presidium – consists of; the President, the 1st Vice President,  and the 2nd Vice President (who are elected at each Congress) along with the Presidents of the three supporting organisations, ISIA, IVSI, & IVSS.

BASI currently sits on the Presidiums of ISIA and IVSS. Rrepresented by Dave Renouf BASI ‘s International Affairs and Educational Development Manager.

At the Interski 2015  in Ushuaia, Argentina, the IVSS and the IVSI have their General Assemblies where they elect their boards. The vote has taken place and these Boards remain unchanged with the same national organisation supporting their nominees on these boards. The ISIA elections are held in the spring the year after the Interski Congress.

In Ushuaia, each of the supporting organisations is able to present a Key Note Lecture; the IVSS was on qualification recognition and measuring of competences on a qualification framework,  IVSI presented across a number of areas including market trends to global warming, and the ISIA presented on the Market trends in Switzerland. The ISIA also held the Instructors World Championship races.

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