Some Warm Up Turns Before Interski 2015

A chance to make a some turns before Ushuaia

Last week we headed out to Les Deux Alpes for some mid-summer skiing on the glacier. The weather was glorious and we got a solid block of training in. I am a massive fan of heading to Europe’s glaciers in the summer as it is a brilliant time to crack on with work on the basics and building a strong base for the winter as well as enjoying an active summer holiday in the afternoon. Needless to say, it felt awesome making some turns again after a few months off the skis. We also enjoyed some hiking, cycling up Alpe d’huez and seeing James nearly wiped out by his kids group on the luge!


The first morning I was apprehensive about trying out the new Salomon boots we have kindly been provided with for Interski. Trying to squeeze into new boots at 2800m during the summer is usually an achy ordeal.  I was delighted to be pain free thanks to the excellent workmanship of Colin Martin from Solutions for feet. I can certainly recommend booking an appointment if, like me, you have some funky feet. The service was top notch and several hours were spent getting it right with grinding and punching out room for the lumps and bumps on my feet. New footbeds from Sidas finished off the fit and I am happy to say all the kit is working well together and I can look forward to slipping the boots on again in Argentina at the end of the month.

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We are also fortunate to have been provided with a set of slalom skis from Salomon to use in Ushuaia. Getting back on slalom skis was seriously fun! The snow was freezing over night and we were greeted by boiler plate conditions on some mornings. The skis were holding well and it was thoroughly entertaining to be able to crank a tighter radius than usual after several seasons on longer skis. We definitely have the kit for displaying some dynamic demo’s next month so now its just down to us making sure we bring a good level of skiing to the event.

Although James and I were mostly coaching, we did manage to sneak in some laps each morning thanks to a very early coach’s lift. We put in a bit of practice on our timing both leading and following and gave each other a few pointers on things to tidy up and work on. Due to mostly being on the other end of the video camera these days, it is always a treat to see what is going on in my own skiing. Its also nice to get some ‘constructive criticism’ from my bendy legged fellow coach, James. Having grown up skiing together since we were 10 we have a pretty good idea on how to keep things simple and to the point went critiquing each others turns.

With a little bit of time to train when we get to Argentina the plan is for me is to stop dropping that right shoulder so early on my left foot turns!
We spent the last week of the 14/15 winter completing our Patente conversion in Switzerland. It was two days well spent and I learnt a lot from the snapshot we got of their system. The progressions demonstrated to us on the hill made a lot of sense and I was pleased to have success with some of their methods coaching last week. Next month will be an enormous opportunity to continue learning more from other nations and to bring back a wide range of information to help develop our own system.

I cant wait!

Craig Robinson

BASI Demo Team

JJC – Coach  (

PDS – Coach (

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