Skiing’s the easy part

What does the BASI Interski team have to do to prepare for Ushuaia 2015? Ski really well? Train the demos?

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 20 31 26 (3)The training camps are full of exciting and thrilling skiing.  There is no time for gentle warm ups or ‘finding your ski legs’ everyone just gets stuck in. Everyone is in the moment, everyone is determined to get their part right, everyone is committed to making the skiing demonstration look awesome.

So is that all that is happening to prepare for Argentina 2015? The short answer is No. While the demonstration is a huge part of what BASI want to showcase the individuals skiing skill is probably the thing everyone worries about the least.

The quote “skiing’s the easy part” came from the movie Aspen Extreme which features its own syncronised skiing sequence which is probably why I thought of it in relation to our team. If you haven’t see the movie that is where the similarities between us and the team stop. For one we aren’t wearing onesies and secondly it is basically the movie ‘Top Gun’ but on snow. It depicts the life of a ski instructor with the same level of accuracy that ‘Top Gun’ did in depicting fighter pilots.

The actual skiing bit is easy compared to the mental intensity needed to keep up, stay in place and do your role as best as you can. Team member Jaz Lamb gave us a good insight in his blog about the high level of skiing, as he said, “Its fast, its intense and requires a great deal of focus”. As the reserve on the team I get the opportunity to step out and watch the demonstration. It is brilliant to watch, the overall picture looks dynamic and exciting. Watching from the sidelines also makes you realise how much you have been concentrating. Time passes very quickly while we are training these demos.

A huge part of the Interski conference will be about the team presenting workshops to other nations, attending other workshops and lectures, as well as making friends and links with other nations. Below are just a few of the examples of other things that being part of the Interski team entails:

» Preparation of workshop/lecture content
» Linguist delivering workshops in other languages
» The Ex-British team members racing in the proposed parallel slalom
» Finding and getting sponsorship
» Cross-discipline team members attending and noting down content of snowboarding, telemarking, adaptive and nordic workshops

The BASI office staff also work very hard to make sure they are presenting the information from the event in an accessible way to all members.

BASI member Henry Meredith Hardy has the difficult (and sometimes dangerous job) of filming the skiing sequences. He then has to edit the hours of footage.

Finally the team manager (Roy Henderson) and team coach (Andy McCann) have their vision of how BASI will be presented at the event, which throws up constant logistical problems to solve.Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 20 30 37 (3)

The above are just some examples of the behind the scene stuff that is happening alongside the skiing. There is a real concern that we do everything we can to deliver the BASI product to other nations but also to deliver the information from the conference back to the BASI members. The team are ambassadors for BASI members and they hope to do their best to live up to this honour.

Which is why the quote from Aspen Extreme popped into my head when I was thinking about this blog. The ski school boss (Trevor Eve’s big break) asks the Tom Cruise character of Aspen Extreme “How does it feel to be the best skier on the mountain?”

His reply is so true, “Skiing’s the easy part”

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