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We sat down with BASI NET team members and asked them about their journey through the BASI system. We all know that going through the BASI system (or any other instructing system) can sometimes feel hard. We wondered how these BASI members were successful in their journey. What we found were stories that are universal to anyone trying to develop at something. We thought we would share these stories with the hope that they inspire snowsport instructors to continue learning and developing in the sport they love.


Jas has a goal in everything he does: “to be as good at it as is possible”. He has dedicated himself to this mantra throughout his career as a skier and ski teacher. Jas started ski racing while he was at school and when he left school he committed himself to the sport as a full time athlete and was selected onto the British Ski Team. During this time he did his first instructor exam on a dry ski slope and loved it, so he combined racing and teaching when he could. When he traded his catsuit for textbooks to study for a sports science degree in Edinburgh, Jas continued ski instructing part time at Hillend dry ski slope, in the Alps and in New Zealand. Jas recommends ski instructing as a fun and lucrative student job. However more importantly, he believes it was during the hours at the dry ski slope that he developed the foundation of his ski teaching skills and his determination to forge a career in ski instructing.

Jas’s passion for skiing and ski teaching is infectious and his drive to continue to develop his skills is inspiring. Jas has learnt from a variety of mentors during his ski career who have helped develop a strong toolbox to teach in a variety of situations. His mantra still holds true as he is open to new ideas about teaching and technique, as well as seeking personal technical skills training opportunities whenever he can.

Jas is a full time BASI Trainer which means he delivers the whole range of courses to candidates throughout the year. He does this alongside managing New Gerneration Ski School in Val d’Isere.

Message… Enjoy the journey. Enjoy the teaching, learning, developing your skiing and being part of the snowsports community, so you can reflect with fond memories. You grow with time, be patient and never stop seeking knowledge: give yourself time and be open to new ideas to grow into the best ski instructor you can be.

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