Meet Jaz Lamb

We sat down with BASI NET team members and asked them about their journey through the BASI system. We all know that going through the BASI system (or any other instructing system) can sometimes feel hard. We wondered how these BASI members were successful in their journey. What we found were stories that are universal to anyone trying to develop at something. We thought we would share these stories with the hope that they inspire snowsport instructors to continue learning and developing in the sport they love.


Jaz has had a long and extensive BASI career. He has been a member since 1984 and a BASI trainer since 1995. He is currently the trainers’ director on the BASI board.

Taking into account his depth of experience it is easy to see why Jaz is viewed as a natural leader within the BASI training body. But to suggest that Jaz has become this leader through amassing experience or through a concerted effort would be wrong. He approached his career with the idea that he wanted to work “with inspiring people and in ground breaking environments”. As such he has made career choices that have challenged him to continue learning. He has a diploma in professional sports coaching, he has coached the Scottish National Freestyle squad and performed and coached competitive sailing at National, European and World Championship level.

Jaz comes across as a coach: someone who wants to help people perform to the best of their ability. He is able to put other peoples needs ahead of his own. One of his colleagues has described Jaz as “approachable, enthusiastic and humble”. Jaz’s leadership comes not only from his professionalism but also from his belief in peoples potential.

Message: Effective coaching is not about being an egoist. It requires a passion for people and development. Jaz is an example of how having qualities like humility and passion enable great leadership.

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