Meet Giles Lewis

We sat down with BASI NET team members and asked them about their journey through the BASI system. We all know that going through the BASI system (or any other instructing system) can sometimes feel hard. We wondered how these BASI members were successful in their journey. What we found were stories that are universal to anyone trying to develop at something. We thought we would share these stories with the hope that they inspire snowsport instructors to continue learning and developing in the sport they love.

gilesGiles is an extremely well respected trainer who has been at the forefront of developing BASI’s professional content. 

When you speak to Giles about his impressive career he is careful to not exaggerate his talent or career choices. He speaks about how friends, who shared his values and passion, help inspire him in his career. However, if you listen carefully, you realise that his career has been full of brave choices that involved risk and challenge. For example, setting up TDC (The Development Centre) in a time when no one was teaching intermediates using a coaching approach. Or, using his critical thinking skills to be a leader in refreshing BASI’s manual and approach. All of these choices exposed him to criticism because they were outside of the normal path. However his belief in “creating something better” over rode any doubts he might have had.

These qualities and achievements are underplayed by Giles because he puts great value on being part of a team. He continually spoke about how friends and team members inspired him to keep developing his skiing. His enjoyment of being part of a team has led him to be accepted as a member of the BASI team at 3 interski congresses. This will be his 4th congress representing BASI. 

Message: Being part of a community can help you develop as a ski instructor. Sharing knowledge and passions with others can lead to exciting opportunities. It may allow you to take risks like Giles has been able to do.

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