Meet Dave Morris

We sat down with BASI NET team members and asked them about their journey through the BASI system. We all know that going through the BASI system (or any other instructing system) can sometimes feel hard. We wondered how these BASI members were successful in their journey. What we found were stories that are universal to anyone trying to develop at something. We thought we would share these stories with the hope that they inspire snowsport instructors to continue learning and developing in the sport they love.


Dave earned a degree in English Literature and Philosophy and it is apparent when you speak to him that he approaches his coaching/teaching practice in a philosophical manner. He comes across as incredibly conscientious about doing the best job for the people he is teaching/coaching.

Dave skied from the age of three because of a ski mad dad and then ski raced until 18 years old starting at 10 on the dry ski slopes of North England – a bit like Dave Ryding but not as good! He has balanced a ski coaching career with an instructor and trainer career.

When you speak to Dave about his journey through the BASI system you realise that he has used his experiences in each role to inform his understanding of his other coaching practices. So for example his experience as a race coach has helped develop his trainer practice and vice versa.

What strikes you when talking to Dave is that he has been able to learn from his experiences and that he has the humility to keep learning. As a extremely experienced trainer (since 2003) and race coach (since 2000) and instructor (technical director for New Generation) it could be easy for him to assume he knows more than other instructors. However Dave spoke about learning from a young instructor who worked for him. He saw what a great job this instructor was doing and was inspired to adapt his approach to teaching ski school clients.

Message: No matter how much knowledge you have always be ready to learn from others around you. Dave has continued to experience, watch and question within his coaching/teaching practice. This is what makes him such a successful coach and trainer.

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