Meet Ben Arkley

We sat down with BASI NET team members and asked them about their journey through the BASI system. We all know that going through the BASI system (or any other instructing system) can sometimes feel hard. We wondered how these BASI members were successful in their journey. What we found were stories that are universal to anyone trying to develop at something. We thought we would share these stories with the hope that they inspire snowsport instructors to continue learning and developing in the sport they love.


Ben was ski racing on dry ski slopes as a teenager when he went on his first BASI course at age 17. His interest in ski instructing was inspired by the course trainer, he said “I watched the trainer with the other BASI students and I couldn’t believe how much better everyone got at skiing during the week. I was interested in how the trainer got everyone better”.
When you interact with Ben what strikes you is his thoughtful consideration of everything that is going on around him. This quality has allowed him to find opportunities for development that might have passed others by. As an example, even though he was a fully qualified ski instructor in his early twenties, he still took the opportunity to learn about ski teaching from his international colleagues whilst working in New Zealand and the US. His eye for detail and his considered disposition means that he believes he can still learn from teaching every level of skier. He believes teaching beginners is just as challenging and fulfilling as coaching ski instructors.
He has been a BASI trainer for over 12 years and has developed a reputation for integrity within the training body. He is now one of the few trainers who has the tough job of running the quality assurance for the training body. Despite the respect he commands he was keen to clarify that, “I am more willing than ever to learn and develop. The more I do this job the more open I am to new learning. Even though I have a lot of experience I am constantly realising how much there is to learn and how little I know.”
Message: “The more you know, the more you know you don’t know”. Aristotle.
Ben is an example of this. The qualities that have allowed him to become a well respected BASI trainer is not just his skiing talent, but also his ability to think and to learn from what is happening around him.

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