Learner centred teaching and the Knowledge Picnic from Team Finland

The Finnish on snow workshop was set up with a brilliant introduction. The idea of a ‘knowledge picnic’ was introduced, this is when everyone brings some of their own knowledge to the group to share with everyone. We also had a pleasure of hearing how the Finnish were developing their use of learner-centred teaching.

My first chairlift ride was with experienced ski instructors from USA, Austria and Denmark, we were tasked to have a chat about learner-centred teaching. We had a great chat about the benefits and challenges to this approach of teaching.

However, the session did not continue with the same momentum as it evolved into a prescriptive task-after-task command teaching style.

The Finnish Snowsports Instructors have a great idea as this is the direction that most of the world’s snowsports teaching associations have gone in.

Great British, Denmark, USA and Austria Knowledge Picnic


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