Interski 2015 Day 1 Summary, Preview Day 2

IMG_0403[1]This morning started with all the excitement and drama you’d expect. Tierra del Fuego blessed us with clear skies and the resort welcomed the teams and public with Argentinian tango  dancers, an army of helpful and smiling volunteers, loud music and enough flags to deck out a UN conference. The slopes were awash with every brand and colour of  team uniform and so it was we were launched into Day 1.

Our Demo team headed straight for the demo slope and all morning took their place in line with every other nation to take full advantage of the final training slot that morning. For many  nations, this was the first and only opportunity they had to test their demos. Conditions were “grippy”  and  a good set of edges were definitely required.

Greg Mofftat and I spent the morning promoting the BASI work shops and lecture programme to the other team managers who were all located in and around the demo arena waiting to video their demo teams. Armed with our workshop flyers we were considerably lighter by the end of the morning. We also took the opportunity to capture video footage of the other nations demo’s during the morning practise sessions. We’ll get a mashup for you as soon as we can. Meanwhile Ben Kinnear headed off to see what preparations had been made in the Freestyle Park area.


Team Presentation at Opening Ceremony

A quick bite to eat and everyone was in position for the formalities of the opening ceremony. Dignatories and spectators at the bottom and all the teams in alphabetical order at the top – apart from GB that is! We were not on the running order at “G”  as we’d thought for Great Britain, we were then told R for  “Regno Unito”  but no,  there was no slot for us as Regno Unito so down we went after Switzerland as “United Kingdom”.

Who impressed? Personally, there was a broad variation in the standard of performance today and as you’d expect many of them at a high performance standard but Austria and Great Britain did it for me today. You can make your own mind up as the week unfolds and we bring you more visuals of the teams in action and more of their demos and workshops are revealed.

A handful of teams have brought all disciplines with them, and there was some great Telemark, Snowboard combinations and Adaptive representation too.

There were some humorous national touches – the Germans stripped off to reveal uniforms of  lederhosen  shorts and dirndl dresses  for the opening ceremony demo run. The local ski school instructors of Cerro Castor were all wearing Argentinian football tops – every single one was Messi!

With the official opening concluded it was back to Ushuaia and a quick turnaround for the opening key note lecture in the conference centre. This was not what was originally programmed – Equipment evolution and injuries – but titled  “Adaptive Snowsports, The New Emerging Market”.  We’ve got the notes and hope to get a summary out to you via the resource page later on Monday.

Strong northerly winds and wet weather put paid to the planned street parade and fireworks tonight and  in it’s place we were treated to some aerial acrobatic dance and  musical entertainment in the conference centre. We eventually sat down for dinner at 9pm….


Adaptive Snowsports - Opening Key Note Lecture Day 1 INterski 2015

Adaptive Snowsports – Opening Key Note Lecture Day 1 Interski 2015

I think we can safely assume there is a plan B and possibly C and D for potential  programme changes.

So,  for tomorrow, Day 2 Interski 2015, Monday 7 September we have the following currently scheduled:

Alpine Demo’s and on-slope workshops from: Andorra, Austria, Chile, Norway, Hungary, Ireland and Croatia

Cross Country Workshops

Snowpark Demo’s (programme doesn’t specify who is leading yet)

ISIA Individual Nation Giant Slalom

Ski School Lessons for Local Children – delivered by participating nations.

See you tomorrow…..

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