High Hopes and Heading to Hintertux

We are a few days away from the next Interski training camp and it’s time to prepare. Winter has been busy with ski school and BASI duties which doesn’t leave much time for the type of skiing required for the demos. Teaching a 3 yr old beginner and skiing at high speed in the middle of 11 other skiers are indeed very different.

First off, I don’t use race department slalom skis for everyday teaching so a few runs to get used to the short turn radius are definitely in order. So far, all of our camps have run in snowy conditions with soft snow underfoot making the runs bumpy and chopped up which has caused a few issues. The last few days have been warm and sunny but overnight freezing has made the pistes hard and icy first thing which throws up different issues completely. Time to sharpen edges methinks.

Luckily for me, I work alongside team members Jaz Lamb and Lesley Page so it’s possible for us to get out and ski together and have a chance to settle in to skiing fast and close.

We are due to arrive in Hintertux on Friday evening so it’s a full day driving for me, leaving at 7.30am should get me there in time for our 5.30pm meeting. Some of the team are running basi courses this week so have a full days’ work followed by a 8 – 10 hour drive so a long day in store for them.

The weather forecast is improving for the weekend so hopefully we should get some good skiing in. Not sure of the agenda but there will be other things that we need to work on over the weekend. The demo is the flagship event that allows BASI to present itself as an organisation with strong technical skiers but there are many other roles and outcomes to be achieved.

This will be the first time we spend time on the workshops that BASI will deliver to the conference in Ushuaia. Who will be delivering in which languages, who will be demoing and illustrating our technical model?

We will be allocated specific countries to gather information from by attending their workshops and lectures, also in many in different languages.

Rumour has it that a race event is also planned and we have plenty of experienced racers on the team who can fill that role.

Whatever happens, I’msure it’s going to be a busy but fun weekend and it’ll be great to have the team together one last time before we head to Argentina.

Written by Becci Malthouse 


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