Hat Goes Home!

Alex Leaf, BASI Trainer and owner of World Class Skiing, is here in Ushuaia with a group of clients supporting Great Britain.
Alex was a member of the Great Britain Demo Team in Japan back in 1995.

Irish Team Alex Leaf Photo

At that Interski event in 95 Alex was presented with an Australian Team Hat (Rojo). We are delighted to announce that 20 years later, the Australian Team Hat from Interski Japan 1995 has been reunited with it’s original owner – Tina Burford, who is here in Ushuaia!

This morning, there was an “official” handing over of the “Interski Hat” by Alex back to Tina.

For more in depth news from BASI/Great Britain on what’s happening at Interski 2015 – Cerro Castor, Ushuaia. https://www.basiinterski.org.uk/blog/


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