Great Britain On-Snow Workshops – Summary Overview 9 Sept 2015

Following the success on the demo slope this morning for Great Britain, there was no time to reflect as it was straight into the on-snow workshops.

BASI prepared two workshops; Form-based to skills-based. It’s good for business and the second Bumps and their importance in BASI’s progression.

The objective of both workshops was to explain and demonstrate how BASI’s system has evolved and its practical application in a real teaching environment.

Considerable preparation goes into building the content of the workshops. The team agree who will present what and then as a team discuss how best to deliver and illustrate the key messages in each programme.  Everyone involved has to know the workshop content and how it will be illustrated so that in the event that there is a large attendance, smaller groups can be organised and the workshop message has consistency across each group.

There was a further prep’ challenge for Ru Goldring who led the “Bumps” workshop – no natural bumps, they had to be created!  No mean feat as up until Tuesday evening all the slopes were perfectly groomed and hard as tacks! Ru organised a bumps crew and the task of creating bumps began on Tuesday – lots of sweat and hard work on the poma as the crew skied circuits and created some dents in the snow pack. Nature eventually lent a hand with new snow which made life considerably easier.

The weather was really challenging for the workshops on Wednesday afternoon – cold, snowing, flat light and windy (bit like Scotland then?). A Team’s performance on the demo slope directly correlates with the numbers who attend your workshops. Great demos, high workshop numbers – simple as that!  Becs and Jaz delivered Form-based to Skills- based and attracted an audience of 16, Ru had 3 other team members to deliver to 30 who attended the Bumps bash!

Over the next few days we will pop up the video and notes of the workshop sessions for you in the BASI Interski resource section here:

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