Rupert Tildesley




Where do you live?
Val d'Isère, France in the winter, Aberdovey, mid-Wales in the summer
Where do you work?
I'm the Director of ICE (International Centre of Excellence), a BASI instructor training centre in Val d'Isère. I'm also the Director of Mountain Masters Ski School, Val d'Isère
Name your favourite ski resort?
Val d'Isère, France
What's your best overall memory?
Interski 2011. A great team of guys and a fantastic event. Really looking forward to 2015
Any other skills we should know about?
I run a web design company (Saturn Innovation Ltd) and a cycling events company (Welsh Cycling Events). I also compete on the Sailing World Cup in a 49er and was the first person to kitesurf across the Irish Sea in 2007
Which Countries are you collecting information about at Interski?
New Zealand, Czech Republic
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