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Jas Bruce




As a ski instructor you know you are in the right job when you love the mountains and love teaching. Always look for fresh ideas and inspiration from others within the sport

Where do you live?
Val d'Isère, France from November-April then Wanaka, New Zealand from June - October
Where do you work?
I work for New Generation Ski and Snowboard School, Val-d'Isère, France and at Treble Cone, New Zealand
Name your favourite ski resort?
Val-d'Isère, France Treble Cone, New Zealand
What's your best overall skiing memory?
Competing at the World Universiade, Harbin (China) 2009. I finished 12th in the Overall Combined
Any other skills we should know about?
Cross fit gym, rock climbing and paddle boarding
Which Countries are you collecting information about at Interski?
Germany and Asutria
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